The football jerseys

The football jersey is in addition to sports shorts, soccer socks, socks and soccer shoes part of sports clothing the footballer. It not only has a protective function, but also symbolizes the membership of a Mannschaft. In the 60s, the T-shirt was not only for sportswear, but also for the trendy leisure wear with revolutionary youth, while the rest of the population stuck to its traditional clothing. Here the T-shirt was used most as warm underwear. The soccer jersey has contributed to that time often long sleeves. It was only in the 80s, the group agreed sleeved form. At a time when, as the T-shirt had already been established in many fashion ranges.

Changes in the material selection

The first T-shirts were made of pure cotton, which was replaced in the 70s by synthetic fibers. The advantage was that synthetic fibers dry more rapidly than natural. However, a major drawback was the low breathability that led straight into a strong moving sports like football to excessive sweat and odor. Not for nothing the synthetic shirt was jokingly referred to as sheet metal shirt. In the 80s we went back to the traditional cotton. Since then, the short-sleeved cotton shirt is the predominant model in the soccer jerseys.

Today’s features

Meanwhile, next to cotton again enforced synthetic fibers, however, were so far improved to ensure an optimum body climate. One speaks of so-called functional shirt.

Externally, the football jersey falls on, among other things by its team logo, the appropriate design and color, there are often changes. New football jerseys will be presented annually by the teams, so one can speak of a true football fashion. Besides its own team logo wear many football jerseys even in the lower leagues the logo of the main sponsors of the team. Since the sponsors, like change in football, especially after an ascent or descent of the team, it also comes in this respect to innovations on the soccer jersey.


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